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What is trauma?

Traumatic events are sudden, unexpected, overwhelming, and extraordinarily stressful. Traumatic experiences involve a direct or indirect threat to your life and / or safety and are marked by a sense of helplessness, hopelessness, and terror. Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes. There are big "T" traumas like rape, torture, and combat; and little "t" traumas like harassment, loss of a significant relationship, and emotional abuse. Traumatic events can happen to anyone and trauma is experienced as extremely personal and individual. Signs and symptoms vary. Some common threads include re-experiencing the trauma memories through nightmares, intrusive thoughts, and flashbacks; difficulty managing anger and numbness; avoidance of people, places and things that trigger traumatic memories; and hyper-awareness of either actual or perceived dangers. While treating trauma does not erase the memories of the event or the event itself, it can help you learn how to better manage symptoms in order to begin living your life again. You do not have to live in the prison of these traumatic memories. There is help. Call now to schedule an appointment and (re)Treat Yourself Well!

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